Pet Safety

Did you know that dogs and cats can get burned by the sun? Pets need to be protected from sun exposure, especially those with short or light-colored fur. Here are seven sun-safety tips that will keep your pets healthy all summer long.

Don’t Shave Long-Haired Pets

Your pet’s fur acts as a barrier to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If your dog or cat has long hair, consider using a shedding comb or Furminator to thin out its coat.

Pay Special Attention to Pets with Skin Conditions or Hair Loss

If your cat or dog has bald patches due to alopecia, dermatitis, or another type of skin condition, don’t forget the sunscreen. Your pet will have lost its natural ability to protect itself from sunburn.

Sun Bathers Need Attention

Some pets like to spend their days worshipping the sun. If your dog or cat is an avid sunbather, be sure to protect their skin. Read the label of the pet-safe sunscreen you use and reapply as often as directed.

Help for Sunburns

If your pet does get a sunburn, cool, wet towels laid gently over your dog’s body can help it feel better. If your dog receives a severe burn, make an appointment with your favorite vet here at the hospital for more comprehensive treatment.

Choose the Right Sunscreen

Be sure to choose the right sunscreen for your dog. Most sunscreens that are safe for human babies are safe for dogs. Cats are a bit more difficult. There are many pet-safe sunscreens on the market designed especially for your four-legged friend.

Avoid Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is toxic to pets. No matter which sunscreen you choose, be sure that it does not contain this dangerous-to-pets ingredient.

Consider Protective Clothing

If your pet has been recently shaved, has short hair or a light coat, consider putting a T-shirt on your animal. One made specially for dogs or one made for humans…the choice is yours.

If you need any more tips or advice for protecting your dog or cat from the hot summer sun, feel free to contact us.


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