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Emily Nicely, DVM


Dr. Nicely graduated from The Ohio State University and first walked through the doors of our hospital in 2002. She currently lives in the Wakeman area with her husband and two children. You wouldn't guess it if you don't know her well, but Dr. Nicely likes to live dangerously! Spin class, firewalks, and weekends in tents are all preferred activities. Couple those with Cajun food and Indian curries and it becomes apparent that there is more to Dr. Nicely than meets the eye.


Pet dentistry, gastrointestinal issues, and the health and happiness of senior pets top Dr. Nicely's list of interests. She has a particular affinity for the human-animal bond and can often be found researching ways to enhance animal comfort. Dr. Nicely believes that staff education is one of the most important aspects of any veterinary practice as this helps to ensure the proactive, positive care that pet companions deserve.


When she considers where she would like to visit, Dr. Nicely is quick to name the Galapagos Islands as a must-see. She remains close to home for now, visiting River Dog for a concert or sitting in front of her fireplace with a new puzzle. Rumor has it that she may have to argue with Bubba the Bassett for a spot in front of the fireplace, but little Finn, Maybel and Orange are sure to give her the room she (and Bubba) want.

Dr. Emily Nicely, DVM